Quality Unit

General Objectives

To ensure that all quality activities including quality improvement activities are carried out and monitored properly.
Specific objective

Coordinates the documentation system for all quality improvement activities.
Analyze the achievement of all quality improvement activities according to set standards and one year's production.
Become a source of reference and storage of information on hospital quality improvement activities.

The country is moving energy towards better health.


The mission of the Ministry of Health is to lead and work together: -

To facilitate and enable the people: -
Fully reach their potential in health.
Appreciate health as your most valuable asset.
Take positive responsibility and action for their health.
To ensure a high quality health system: -
Prioritize customers.
Not burdensome.
That's good.
It's technologically advisable.
Can be customized to the environment.
By emphasizing: -
Loving nature, professionalism and teamwork.
Respect for human dignity of community involvement.

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Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday

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