The Government has decided that the Health Insurance Scheme Foreign Workers implemented starting January 1, 2011. All foreign workers are required to take an insurance policy Hospitalization & Surgical Insurance Scheme Foreign Workers (SKHPPA) with a number of health insurance coverage of RM10,000 per annum and the payment of insurance premiums of RM120 a year for Foreign Workers. The government subsequently decided that the employer bears the insurance policy for the plantation and domestic maids, while for other sectors, the obligation to bear SKHPPA insurance policy is up to both parties to decide based on their individual circumstances.

For foreign workers working in Malaysia at this time is also required and be given a period of 3 months to buy insurance policy. For this group, the premium payment will be charged by the insurance companies involved are based on estimates for the remainder of the validity period of a work permit. For foreign workers who fail to do so, they will not be allowed to renew the work permit when the permit expires later.

Employers apply for Visa With Reference (VDR) for foreign workers are required to submit the original police SKHPPA and confirmation slip SPIKPA VDR together with the application form to the Immigration Department.

An employer who has put the premium paid for the insurance policy must seek the permission of the Director of the Department of Labour Peninsular Malaysia for the purpose of making cuts in wages of migrant workers.

This SPIKPA implemented cashless. This means that foreign workers are protected under this SPIKPA if necessary hospitalized Ministry of Health does not have to pay any deposit or submit a letter of guarantee (Guarantee Letter) from the insurance company. Foreign workers are only required to present a valid passport for the validation of check-in counters at the Ministry of Health hospital.

If your hospital bills incurred exceed the maximum coverage limit of RM10,000 or other claims which exceed the maximum limit, the Foreign Workers shall be paid the difference between the hospital bill alone.

For foreign employees who have outstanding bills detected in any hospital Ministry of Health, the foreign worker or the employer is responsible to pay the bill before applying for renewal of a work permit. For foreign workers who fail to pay outstanding bills, they will not be allowed to renew the work permit when the permit expires and responsible employer will be blacklisted by the Immigration Department. Employers who have been blacklisted will not be allowed to take the new migrant workers.